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Entrepreneurship Education at Maizuru College -Aiming for Regional Revitalization in the North Kinki Region-

This paper describes the project to developing entrepreneurship human resource. It has goals as the below.
a) Career development including after graduation (life plan, living expenses, insurance/pension system, etc.)
b) Revitalization of Japan through regional revitalization (regional policy, local finance, regional economy, etc.)
c) International expansion (related items such as the world economy and international law)
The education system is designed to realize start-up achievements through solving regional issues. It has characteristics such as;
a) Based on the established a regional platform (representative: Maizuru College)
b) In collaboration with Maizuru City, two IT companies have been invited to establish a branch office and a satellite office, and they hope to accept students.
c) Under the support of the Chutan Regional Promotion Bureau of Kyoto Prefecture, we established a corporate alliance called "Kyoto PMS" (Product Manufacturing Service).
d) Participation in the startup research subcommittee of the Cabinet Office's regional revitalization SDGs public-private partnership platform
Concerning to the framework of school organization, in addition to setting up a startup human resource development center within the regional joint techno center, we build a system with industry-academia-public finance advisory boards in the north Kinki region as an advisory board.
Also more than five equipment for this project are allocated to each facilities as the creative area that surrounds the centered creative studio.
Specific contents has three steps as below In the following themes, students will use the facilities and equipment they have applied for to create things.
a) Manufacturing that connects virtual reality (VR) and reality
b) Solving regional issues using embedded/IoT technology
c) Promotion of AI and data science education using cutting-edge GPU environment and social implementation
d) Problem solving with an advanced robot arm development environment
e) Activities to improve the environment, including the living environment, through regional collaboration
STEP 1: All technical college students learn about "entrepreneurship" for the future
STEP 2: Technical college students try to create things with free ideas (creative workshop, creative workshop area)
STEP 3: Startup for technical college students

Educational Models and Approaches
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