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Self-Phy: An Example of Collaboration Between Institute, Industry and Non-Government & Non-profit Organization in Developing Healthcare System

Project-based learning (PBL) is one of the popular teaching and learning method to promote self-directed, self-regulated and self-reflecting learning in order to cultivate students' positive values and attitudes to overcome with the challenges of the 21st Century. Vocational Training council (VTC) in Hong Kong has adopted Project based learning in recent years and encourage students to design, develop and implement a solution to solve real-world problems.

Self-Phy is a physiotherapy exercises learning platform developed by VTC’s students under the PBL framework with the support from industry and Non-Government & Non-Profit Organization (NGO&NPO) during coronavirus period. Self-Phy uses artificial intelligence technologies to distinguish whether the patient's movements are standard, records and reminds the patient whether s/he has completed the daily physiotherapy exercises. This software can provide guidance for patients who have turned to home physiotherapy training because of the pandemic, avoiding the impact of wrong postures on the treatment effect, and making physiotherapy no longer limited by time and place.

The Collaboration between academic, industry, NGO&NPO plays an important role in nurturing young talents as it offers a valuable opportunity for students to learn and adopt the state-of-art technologies from the industry and understand the needs of society by the events organized by NGO&NPO to better refine their solutions to the problems. However, previous studies paid less attention to investigating the collaboration framework between academic, industry and NGO&NPO. There is an absence of a clear collaboration framework between the three parties, especially in the area of healthcare technologies and the context of the Asia region. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to present the project details of Self-Phy, collaboration framework of Self-Phy between institute, industry and NGO&NPO during the coronavirus period, and to propose a post corona virus era collaboration framework in order to enhance the quality of engineering education as well as suggesting future research directions.

Industry and Multiple Institutions Collaboration
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