Kazuki Sato


National Institute of Technology, Ichinoseki College


Assistant Professor




Entrepreneurial talent development program for Kosen students
Naoyuki Akashi, Kazuki Sato, Norifumi Terui

Starting a business is now attracting attention as a driving force for the future of Japan. National Institute of Technology (NIT) is expected to produce human resources who can bring about innovation. In order to develop such human resources, NIT Ichinoseki College has been offering entrepreneurial talent development program since 2018 with the support of donations from local companies. This course is recognized as an elective subject worth one credit for regular curriculum students and is conducted using after school hours. The course consists of ten lectures for two-and-a half- hours each, with a final report meeting session at the end. Among these, lecture-style courses will be held five times, and round-table conferences inviting venture entrepreneurs will be held three times. In addition, every time, students will brush up their own business concept. In addition to discussions among students, students receive advice from mentors. The theme of the business concept is a product, program, project, etc. that each student has thought of. While receiving advice from mentors, students brush up their own business concept and experience the process of independently exploring the direction of commercialization. We believe that it is possible to acquire the ability to understand and accept diverse opinions, and the ability to convey one's own thoughts concisely and clearly. The program started in 2018 and has been held every year with an interruption in 2020. A total of 32 students attended the course over the four years, with an average of eight students attending each year. There were 3 first-grade students, 7 second-grade students, 17 third-grade students, 3 fourth-grade students, one fifth-grade student, and one first-grade advanced course student. So far, three of the students have started two companies while still in college.

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