Makoto Nanko


Nagaoka University of Technology




Project Based Learning on STEAM Workshop with Kawaii
Makoto Nanko

In order to decrease a psychological barrier and bias in female students and to join science and engineering carriers, a workshop activity of science and technology with Kawaii is carried out with collaboration between faculty staff and students. The term "Kawaii" is often translated into English as "cute" and "sweet". However, according to Nittono's study on the psychological aspects of Kawaii, "Kawaii" sensation is driven by the desire to approach and stay with the object. That is, "Kawaii" sensation is able to make children to approach and stay "science and technology". "Kawaii" may be very useful for children, in particular, girls, to reduce in a bias against science and technology to be difficult to understand. A group including faculty staff and students promotes the workshop with Kawaii. Our activity is classified into three steps. We develop the workshop based on science and technology. For example, craft-working of a bag accessory made of microplastics picked up from a beach was developed to learn marine plastic pollution. Performance of the workshop for children is mainly carried out by students. Making reports and outgoing of the activity are also important. Those activities are regarded as a project based learning to establish science communication for students. They learn fundamentals of non-major science, project managements, workshop facilitation, science communication, design, digital manufacturing etc. The present group includes faculty staff students from mechanical engineering, electronic and electric engineering, bio-engineering and materials science. Mixture of several majors on science and technology makes always unique inspirations and new findings. Currently, the activities to understand sustainable and environmental issues are required from school teachers. Students can understand the importance of diversity and interests in the general society, which are difficult to understand from laboratory activities.

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