Cheng Sheau Chin


Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore




Enhanced Learning Performance and Learning Experience in Differential Equations using Adaptive Learning Technology
Cheng Sheau Chin

Classrooms today have learners with diverse learning preferences and backgrounds, making the traditional teaching methods inadequate. These methods disregard individual learning styles, pace, and strengths, causing some learners to fall behind or lose interest. To effectively support learning, personalized and inclusive teaching strategies are crucial. Adaptive learning personalizes education by providing tailored content, targeted focus on specific areas and frequent practice, resulting in immediate feedback, leading to improved learning outcomes.

In this study, we used the adaptive learning process in Brightspace AI suite to design lessons on two topics related to Differential Equations for 86 learners from the Diploma in Electronic & Computer Engineering at Nanyang Polytechnic in Singapore. The adaptive system adjusted the content to each learner's strengths and weaknesses, providing personalized questions for practice and assessment. Learners were able to track their progress and identify areas for improvement. If learners answered a question incorrectly, the adaptive system provides the correct answer and suggests additional reading materials for learners to gain better understanding.

Learners’ performance in the two topics and their learning experience were evaluated through pre- and post-tests and a survey. The results showed a significant improvement in learners’ performance and many positive intangible benefits, such as an improved confidence level in solving mathematical problems and more efficient use of time in learning. This paper presents findings and recommendations for implementing adaptive learning in education.

Adaptive Learning is a learner-centric tool that improves learner understanding, engagement, and performance. It saves time by focusing on areas where learners need more help. The results suggest that this approach is more efficient than the traditional teaching method. The strategy is not limited to mathematics but can be applied to other courses as well. Adaptive Learning is a powerful tool that can revolutionize the teaching and learning experience, and educators are encouraged to use it.

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