Writing Education to Enhance the Self-Expression Ability of Technical College Students: A Report on the Practice of Fukushima Kosen

In the department of Japanese (a part of General Education), National Institute of Technology, Fukushima College (Fukushima Kosen), continuous writing education is provided to students in the four engineering departments. In the 2nd year, an essay contest is held to cultivate the basis for persuasively communicating one's opinions based on written materials; in the 3rd year, students write summaries and opinion essays in the Japanese class to mutually improve reading comprehension and expression skills; in the 4th year, the course of “Japanese Expression Methods” is offered to develop practical expression skills for employment and higher education. This paper describes the approach to writing education at Fukushima Kosen, and analyzes its achievements and challenges based on the results of a questionnaire survey of students. At the same time, the possibility of teaching writing with digital devices will be discussed by adding an explanation of online class initiatives in the Corona Disaster, based on the results of a survey of students. This will provide a solution to the pressing issue of what kind of writing skills are necessary in engineering education and how they can be developed. Today, there is a need to produce many engineers with advanced expertise, and it is necessary to train individuals who can communicate with others and collaboratively work on issues. For this purpose, it is important to have the skills to persuasively convey one's ideas to others. The continuous writing education at Fukushima National College of Technology has been successful in fostering such human resources.

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