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CANCELLED: The Establishment of Globalized Student Dormitory at NIT (KOSEN), Fukui College

This presentation deals with the establishment of globalized student dormitory at National Institute of Technology (NIT) (KOSEN), Fukui College.
A student dormitory at KOSEN is one of the notable characters in KOSEN education system. Making the most use of this educational environment, we have tried to globalize our student dormitory. Our educational practice is discussed from the three aspects as follows:
First, we introduce the current situations of globalization of KOSEN dormitory nationwide. As a result, we can understand what is needed for an ideal globalized KOSEN dormitory. Generally speaking, the globalization of KOSEN dormitory tends to reinforce English learning and constructing multinational daily life space within dormitory. In addition, we consider how those attempts to globalize KOSEN dormitory made by other KOSEN dormitories can be applied to our newly built global dormitory “KEIAI-Ryo”.
Second, as an example of our educational practice at dormitory, we show the process of planning and conducting inauguration ceremony for “KEIAI-Ryo” which was held last year. Some autonomous activities by dormitory students were demonstrated in it. They were highly praised by the guests. They were succeeded in using their specialty for introducing and improving their dormitory life. In this presentation, some students try to introduce their dormitory life by VR goggle, and guided guests, Ms INADA Tomomi (MP) or Dr TANIGUCHI Isao (chief director of NIT) in a virtual dormitory tour using VR goggle. Other students gave presentations about their experiences of overseas academic programme in Taiwan or USA. Furthermore, another group including foreign students created a promotion video of global dormitory based upon some event planned by themselves.
As conclusions, we maintain the globalization of KOSEN dormitory helps to establish new relationships between KOSEN students.
Because of the COVID-19, dormitory students’ everyday life has been severely restricted. Especially, human relationships between them were very much disrupted. The important thing is that dormitory student themselves become aware of its severe circumstance and try to reconstruct the new relationships between them by creating new events and so forth. This attitude can also lead to the nurture of their identity as KOSEN students, and we can confirm how our dormitory students try to regain their mutual relationships and improve their dormitory life by themselves.
As an ideal for the globalization of KOSEN dormitory, students are recommended to do continuous and autonomous improvements of their dormitory life by constant communication between students with different identities.

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