Leung Hung

Programme Leader, Higher Diploma in Cybersecurity
Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Chai Wan)


Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education, Hong Kong


Senior Lecturer




Use of Remote Access Technologies for Cybersecurity Education in Post-COVID Era
Leung Hung

After three years of isolation, Hong Kong is now going into the post-COVID era. The crisis has exposed a great challenge in the delivery of Cybersecurity training programme. During the last three years, there were almost no normal face-to-face classes, and practical sections. Most of the teaching activities must be delivered with online mode. Students were required to complete hands-on practice in penetration testing, system administration and network administration practices at home. With the application of virtualization technology, most of the students can complete practical exercises. However, it was extremely difficult to monitor the progress of students. In case there was any problem encountered by the student, it was almost impossible to troubleshoot in such a remote environment. Due to home Wi-Fi environment, it is not practical to pass through the student’s home Wi-Fi router to access the student home network to perform any kind of troubleshooting.

Because of such a challenge, remote access technology to support and monitor student progress especially for different kinds of server/system administration modules should be developed. In the cybersecurity world, remote access technology for penetration testing can be applied in this scenario. Shell code generation tool can be used to create a system monitoring agency for tracking the activities of students during their practical sections at home. Also, the command-and-control server (C2) can be used as the central console. In case troubleshooting is needed, the trainer/teacher can perform different kinds of operations through the C2 server console to the student virtual machine. This model may develop to become a full-fledge online training monitoring system for online delivery of cybersecurity practical labs.

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